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The treatment of sports injuries

Massage therapy refers to the manipulation of the soft tissues in the body. It is possible to use a variety of methods of massage using your hands, elbows or feet. The main goal of massage therapy is typically the relief of bodily pain or mental stress.

When a client has sore muscles or painful tissu…

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Trigger Point Massage Therapy: Relaxing and Relieving tension in the back

Trigger point massage is a method that helps to relieve chronic neck pain as well as stimulate the nervous system. Trigger points are stiffand painful areas found in the muscles and the joints. These tight knots are sensitive and if too much pressure is applied to them, it creates discomfort in othe…

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What's the difference between Bio-Mechanical-Stimulation Massage Therapy and Bio-Emotional Therapy?

Massage therapy is the practice of tissue manipulation to improve condition and maintain health. The primary objective of a massage therapist is to restore and maintain the optimal physical function. This is accomplished through applying controlled targeted force to different parts of the body of th…

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Swedish Massage Therapy – Try These Natural Methods to Relieve Stress and Body Tension

Swedish massage is also known as the sensual massage or touch. It's also known as sensus meditation massage. Swedish massage is characterized by soft, warm strokes that are sometimes accompanied by soothing vocal sounds. You can employ a variety of techniques to perform Swedish massage, including so…

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Treating Anxiety and Other Illnesses Treatment of anxiety and other illnesses Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

The goal of an aromatherapy massage isn't to just work out the sore spots and knots that are in your muscles but to utilise the healing effects of specific essential oils to help relax and rejuvenate your entire body and your brain. Essential oils are pure, completely natural essences of plants that…

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a conventional form of massage which uses the pressure from the thumbs and hands to release muscle aches, decrease irritation, and boost the flow of blood. Trigger point treatment was produced by Dr. George Goodheart, who was simply a professional in the New York State Medic…

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